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Sri Lanka Urlaub günstig in der Villa Sunshine

Sri Lanka is - freely translated as "healthy and beautiful country" and that name must take the island quite rightly so.With brief interruptions, we have been living for years in this, most beautiful island paradise of the world.
   Lush jungle, cultivated tea plantations, a colorful and exotic flora and fauna, beautiful beaches and famous landmarks are just some of the reasons for Sri Lanka.
   Over time, more and more requests come via email and through our holiday guests and other tourists, regarding a purchase of a house and property.
As the prospect may be ignorant here but cheated quickly, we have set ourselves the task of messing about possible fraud with our agency's work.
This damage is not negligible even the otherwise good reputation of the country and the Sinhalese.

We examine the utmost exactitude, or have a lawyer examine the land documents.
Our local staff and friends to check both the object, as well as its owner and his reputation in order to avoid possible problems afterwards. We reputation with the locals while to check hard, but also to provide good placement work.
Not least because, more and more locals are just your house or land to the mediation.
As many locals now want to Colombo, you have the opportunity here to acquire cheap land or houses and to upgrade for little money or to be managed profitably.

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From 21, - €
for a double room
accommodation and breakfast.
In our experience
Pure vacation.

Book with us directly and on time.

Sri Lanka Urlaub

Sri Lanka Urlaub günstig